Jewelry Repair
With over 125 years of combined experience, allow our highly skilled experts to repair your fine jewelry on the premises in Lafayette, Indiana.
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Jewelry Repair and Design

With over 125 years of combined experience in jewelry repair and design, you can trust the honest, caring staff at RamZs. 

RamZs can:
  • Repair your fine jewelry on the premises.
  • Custom design your ideas or create something new.
  • Appraise your treasures and heirlooms.
  • Buy or trade unwanted or broken jewelry.
  • Give you a short-term loan on fine jewelry during unstable financial times.
  • RamZs can restore jewelry that’s been stepped on or run over by a vehicle.

Real Life Experiences

  • A customer brought in a chain he had soaked in bleach. The bleach removed the 18-karat plating that covered the 14-karat chain. It gave it a tarnished look and rusted the spring in the clasp. RamZs was able to polish it and put on a new clasp leaving it looking like new.
  • A wedding set was contaminated with mercury from a broken thermometer. It had turned the yellow gold white and made it brittle and unsafe to wear. We were able to reset her stones in a similar setting.

Did You Know?

  • Using straight pins or needles, you can untangle knots that have formed in your chains.
  • If a clasp is difficult to manage, RamZs can replace it with one that fits your needs.
  • Soldering your rings together protects them from wear.
  • That RamZs is the best place to go should you need a ring cut off. We can do it right, with the least damage to your treasured piece and your pocketbook.
  • That body chemistry, including medicine, can discolor skin and jewelry. RamZs sells Jewelry Shield you brush on to help prevent this reaction from taking place.
  • If you have a mishap with a pearl or bead necklace, RamZs can restring them.
  • RamZs craftsmen can repair most broken metals or china, i.e. teapots, vases and bronzes.
  • When your eyeglasses break, don’t try to repair them yourself; what you do can cause more damage. RamZs can fix most glasses while you wait.
  • RamZs buys gold and silver. If there are pieces of jewelry lurking in the shadows that are from a former relationship, unwanted or broken, RamZs can buy them, trade them for other items in the store or use the dollar amount toward a repair.
  • Loose stones could be blown out of setting when using public restrooms high-powered hand dryers.

Before & After
Play it Safe and Protect your Jewelry

You’re careful with your money and when walking on ice, but are you careful with your jewelry?


  • Remove your shiny jewelry and put it in a safe place where birds, cats, dogs and children can’t reach, stretch, bend or break it.

  • Have your chain inspected if you stretch it because stretching it will weaken the links causing it to break. It may need repairing.

  • Always keep your jewelry away from your hungry garbage disposal.

  • Let RamZs inspect your jewelry every six months to insure its lasting beauty and security.

  • Examine your jewelry carefully both before and after a repair; ensure that the work was properly done before leaving the store.

  • Pay careful attention to your rings in the winter; they will fit more loosely and have greater tendency to fall off.

  • Remove your jewelry prior to washing dishes of wear rubber gloves.

  • Pay careful attention to your jewelry’s stones when cleaning at home. These solutions can loosen stones held in place by the buildup of common household products (soaps, lotions, hair spray, dough)

  • Remove your jewelry to a safe, secure location when not wearing, away from children, pets, and visitors.

Do Not’s

  • Place your jewelry on a sink in a public restroom; if you leave it there, someone else will likely be enjoying its beauty.
  • Put your jewelry in a tissue or napkin; it is likely to be thrown out with other trash.
  • Place jewelry in your pocket; it may easily be pulled from your pocket along with other things.
  • Put gold and silver in cleaning solutions at the same time as cross plating can occur, causing transfer of one metal to the other.
  • Wash your hands or do dishes with pearl rings on; water will loosen glue that holds many pearls in place.
  • Leave your rings on while gardening, doing heavy lifting or manual labor; your shank can bend, break, or you can lose a stone.
  • Wear opals and emeralds constantly; they are more delicate and softer and are less resilient to bumps and nicks.
  • Wear your jewelry 24/7; Remove at night to extend its’ life. Herringbones and flat chains are especially susceptible to damage when worn constantly.
  • Wear your jewelry in environments that are subject to harsh chemicals (pools, spas, hair care, cleaning products); your stones and precious metal can tone, discolor, become brittle and break.