Jewelry Repair
With over 125 years of combined experience, allow our highly skilled experts to repair your fine jewelry on the premises in Lafayette, Indiana.
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Watch Repair Services

What can RamZs do for you?

Our trained, experienced professionals will be there to serve you, delicately restore your treasures and STILL save you money. With over 125 years of combined experience, you can trust the honest, caring staff at RamZs.

Many watches require professional tools to remove and replace the back. Don’t scratch yours or break the crystals by trying to fix it at home. Let RamZs do it for you.

RamZs can:

  • Repair your fine watches on the premises.
  • Fix most types of watches and eyeglasses.
  • Change old batteries.
  • Jumpstart new batteries.
  • Keep self-winding watches running when they aren’t being worn.
  • Replace bands, pins, shorten a long band or solder gold watchbands.
  • Appraise your treasures and heirlooms.
  • Buy or trade unwanted or broken watches.
  • Give you a short-term loan on fine watches in the financially insecure times.
Did You Know?
  • ”Water resistant” doesn’t mean “waterproof”. Only divers watches are waterproof. Should you forget and your watch gets wet (even in the rain), you need to take the back off right away or bring it to RamZs and we will remove the back to air dry and prevent rusting.
  • You shouldn’t put your watch on a TV or anything that has a magnetic pull.
  • RamZs has machines to keep self-winding watches running when they aren’t being worn.
  • The back of your watch and band needs to be cleaned to avoid corrosion and prevent the build-up of bacteria which can lead to an infection.
  • Replacing dead watch batteries promptly will avoid an acid leak.
  • Some watches require a jump-start after putting in a new battery. If it won’t run with a new battery, bring it to RamZs for assistance.
  • If you think you need a new battery, don’t throw out the old one. Your battery may be fine and something else may be wrong.
  • Carefully pull out the stem when you aren’t wearing your watch for a period of time so it will extend the battery’s life. Of course, you will have to reset the time when you are ready to wear it again. If it isn’t worn at all, take the battery out so it doesn’t explode.