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Since 1988, RamZs Emporium has been serving the greater Lafayette area in antiques, jewelry, and much, much more. We provide everything from wedding jewelry sets to coin sets for sale. Not only do we offer plenty of antiques and collectibles to purchase, but we even do appraisals for the ones you already own!

Our expert staff also offers jewelry repair services, as well as a notary for your important documents. Whether you are in search of collectible coins, pistols, or even engagement rings, RamZs Emporium has what you are looking for! Stop by today to browse our inventory!

ramzs emporium have seved the greater lafayette area since 1988

Our Staff

meet the owner of ramzs emporium randy ramsey

Randy Ramsey

Founder, 1988 of Ram-Z Exchange, Inc.
Dba RamZs Emporium
Corporate President


About Randy

Although I wasn't raised in a Christian home, at the age of 13, I made a decision to ask Christ to be the Lord of my life. Since that day, I continue to learn, grow and serve Him. My love of collecting things started with feathers, rocks, fossils, the bones of a crow and eye teeth of animals to make a necklace. In 1966, my interest in collecting started to branch to coins, antiques and collectibles. I've bought and sold jewelry, coins and firearms since 1970.

While going to a Christian college in Fort Wayne, IN, I worked as a journeyman meat cutter and an associate pastor, working 50 hours part time. This is where I met my wife and I graduated with a B.A. in Education. A favorite thing for me is being with people, so work can be a lot of fun. We attribute the growth of our business to God and thank Him for it and wisdom along the journey. You can read my wife’s biography to learn more about our family, the start of our business and more.

The following are areas I have been or am involved in (member of):

  • Lifetime member of Indiana Numismatic Society
  • Longtime member and former board member of Lafayette Coin Club
  • Member and former president of Tippecanoe Antique Association
  • Founding member of Indiana Pawnbrokers Association

Member of:

  • Midwest Pawnbrokers
  • National Pawnbrokers
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Indiana Chamber of Commerce
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce

We never know what unique item might come through our doors but here are some of my favorites:

  • Crown by Cartier from Europe
  • Chair belonging to Abraham Lincoln’s son, Todd
  • Bronze decoration from a 1600’s German castle
  • Items from 35th Reunion of Custard’s last stand
  • Dinosaur teeth
  • Pocket watch that belonged to Zachary Taylor
  • Baseball signed by Lou Gehrig

We hope you will stop in and allow us to be of assistance to you.

meet the owner of ramzs emporium melony ramsey

Melony Ramsey

Co-Owner, Office Manager
Human Resources
Corporate Secretary


About Melony

After majoring in Home Economics in high school, I spent a year at a small college studying the same subjects. Then I spent three years in a small dress design school. At the same time, I took Finishing School classes which led me to work for two major department stores teaching Charm School. There, I taught girls ages 4 – 18 and selected seniors from local high schools to be on a teen board. This board became “still models” in the store and outside the store they worked as my assistants presenting in-store and community fashion shows. At one of those fashion shows we entertained one thousand ladies.

While visiting a community bible college, I was introduced to Randy Ramsey who was a student there. We fell in love immediately, and our romance has continued for many years now. I was asked to hold posture and poise classes for female faculty members while Randy continued his education and worked as an associate pastor.

Randy graduated from college, and while expecting our first child, we accepted a call to be two-year missionaries to France. Our son Corey was born in Belgium, and our second son, Chad, was born in France where I continued my role as my husband’s helper.

We moved back to the United States to spend a few months with family after Randy had back surgery. He then took a job in Ohio, and we finally settled in Lafayette, IN, where our daughter Amanda joined our family. Doors were closed to Randy’s full-time, paid Christian service. Since Randy had collected coins and antiques, he decided, after much prayer, to pursue a job along those channels. Someone offered Randy a job that would develop his appreciation and knowledge in those areas. This led to the opening of Ram-Z Exchange in 1988. I told my husband I would continue to support him in his endeavor. The struggles were tremendous, but we stayed strong through them all continuing to trust the Lord and serve Him through church and community.

I have developed a better understanding of the community and how it functions by being involved in Greater Lafayette Commerce, serving on the Small Business of the Month Committee, Read to Succeed Program, GLC Education Committee, and helping with Cary Girls Home. I now spend time with my grandchildren, being a member and officer of AWBO (Association of Women Business Owners), and working at and for the business growing and developing it.

I enjoy our home in town where the animals that visit my yard bring new life each day and night. Watching and feeding deer, raccoon, possum and rabbits at night and ducks, squirrels, chipmunks and beautiful birds during the day has become a favorite pastime. For many years, I have loved to cook, sew, and sing. In fact my children used to say “she’s a good cooker, a good sewer, and a good singer!” Collections of thimbles, spoons, handkerchiefs, fans antiques and Roy Rogers memorabilia always keep me looking for something new to add to my pieces. Because we feel blessed to have our home, we keep a bedroom ready to welcome visiting family, and traveling missionaries.

meet the vise preident of ramzs emporium chad ramsey

Chad Ramsey

Corporate Vice President
Store Manager


About Chad

Being employed at the family store since it opened in 1988, I had the opportunity to help develop and work in every department. That gave me a vast knowledge in jewelry, coins, firearms, instruments, electronics, loans, and even goldsmithing. My favorite area is probably in our cameras department, since I’m a hobbyist photographer.

If you have never been in our store, I guarantee you will be amazed by the quality and quantity of merchandise we have in stock. We really do get some amazing things in our store, and I’m often surprised from week to week at the unique items we buy and sell.

I have attended several seminars, conferences, and training courses about diamond grading, management and loans. I have also taken several management classes both at Purdue and IAS training—a relationship selling program.

A Word From the Owners

We are so glad to have our son working with us all these years, and it’s a pleasure to tell people about his involvement and leadership. We have seen him grow and stretch his mind as well as his patience. He has so much knowledge in so many areas that it is difficult to do without him on his days off. We are looking forward to many more years together.

meet the corporate marketing agent of ramzs emporium corey ramsey

Corey Ramsey

Corporate Marketing and Advertising
Assistant Store Manager


About Corey

While in high school, I worked hard at McDonald's & RamZs Exchange doing jobs that nobody else wanted to do—like take out the trash! I balanced that with my participation on the track and basketball teams and in the choir. During this time, I also enjoyed volleyball leagues, hanging with friends, and my youth group at church. Because I was in the foreign exchange student program during high school, I was able to visit my birthplace in Europe.

I began my involvement in our type of industry off and on in approximately 1988. I work in and really enjoy the sports cards, action figures, and coin section of the store. I try my best to stay positive, like to joke around, love to tell stories and help people find things they want or didn’t know they did.

During my years in college, I sang in the Purdue Varsity Glee Club, which offered many opportunities for travel in the states and around the world. On one trip, I was carrying my luggage as well as that of a fellow traveler, an older lady, when actor Keanu Reeves came up to me and helped me carry the load.

Forming a Rap trio called “The Heat” was a lot of fun. We wrote our own material and even wrote some commercials for RamZs. I was on the college volleyball team and also coached high school volleyball and track. I made 8 mission trips to Haiti, as well as a trip to South Africa, Germany, and Japan. I have formed lifelong relationships from my travels. I worked at Wabash Valley’s Halfway House and was also a substitute teacher. 

After college, I relocated and worked at The Rug Gallery in Ohio and became one of their top sales people. I returned to Lafayette when my dad had to have heart surgery because I saw how much my family needed me.

One piece of advice I have for our customers is to keep your eyes open while walking around every section of the store. There are so many items that you may just find something you can’t live without. If you can't find it, ask me, since I put most of our items out for sale. 

With the huge variety in the store, it’s hard to say one thing that is the most interesting, but the Lou Gehrig autographed baseball, sunken treasure coins, and petrified dinosaur bones/eggs are some of my favorites.

A Word From the Owners

Corey brings a great sense of humor blended in with his intelligence and sensibility to the business. He is always moving things to improve the appearance of our merchandise displays and marketing of our products. His dedication and commitment to the business is impressive. We’re blessed to have him on board!

meet the head of jewelry rapair of ramzs emporium amanda ramsey

Amanda Ramsey

Jewelry Repair Department
and Coin Department Associate 


About Amanda

I have been working at RamZs Emporium since 1998 and have had the privilege of working in many areas of the store. My favorite is the Jewelry Repair Department. I love our vast collection of antiques and collectibles, but my biggest weakness is our exquisite jewelry selection.

As much as I like looking at the beautiful jewelry for myself, I also greatly enjoy helping people figure out exactly what they want when custom designing jewelry and helping them fulfill their idea of what they want their end project to look like. It’s an awesome feeling handing someone what they wanted and sometimes even exceeding their expectations and seeing their eyes light up and many times having them return to tell me how many compliments they have gotten on that item.

People rarely know what to expect when getting their jewelry cleaned and polished. Our procedures transform jewelry from its previously worn state into a shining masterpiece that looks like it did the day it was received.

It would be a pleasure to help you with customizing your jewelry item, jewelry repairs, sprucing up your favorite piece of jewelry with our three step polishing process, or something as simple as changing a watch battery. Let one of our experienced and knowledgeable repair associates help you today!


  • GIA training in diamond grading
  • Notary Public

A Word From the Owners

Our daughter has been at our business from the time she was in grade school as she sat beside me doing her homework or some schoolwork during the summer months. She started young, watching us talk to and help our customers. She is tenderhearted and compassionate, and that makes her great in the repair departments where she waits on many people. She wants to fix people’s jewelry just right or design that perfect piece for them.

We are delighted to have her committed to you, our customer.


Winner, Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Month December 2007


Diamond Grading Disney Institute


Department of Financial Institutions
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms


ramzs emporium is associated with the awbo
ramzs emporium isa member of the bbb
ramzs emporium is a member of the greater lafayette commerce
ramzs emporium is associated with the ipa association
ramzs emporium is associated with the jbt
ramzs emporium is associated with the lafayette coin club
ramzs emporium is associated with the npa association
ramzs emporium is a lifetime numismatic member
ramzs emporium is associated with the us chamber
ramzs emporium is associated with the tippecanoe county antique association
ramzs emporium is a member of the midwest pawn brokers association

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