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Our gun department has years of experience helping you exercise your 2nd Amendment rights in owning and using firearms.


Whether you're looking for the perfect antique rifle for your study or a more practical model, we can help you find what you're looking for.

ramzs emporium gun department has years of experience in firearms sales

Types of Firearms

Images are only examples. They do not reflect our actual inventory.

ramzs emporium has a great selection of antique guns

Antique Guns

Get your hands on a classic to put over your mantle. Perhaps you’ll find a piece used to help feed a family or protect our country.

ramzs emporium has gun safes and supplies to fit your needs


Targets, earplugs, cleaning supplies—we have you covered!

ramzs emporium lafayette has a selection of quality hunting bows to choose from


For the sportsman who wants a different challenge, a bow will certainly do the trick.

live ammunition is available at ramzs emporium lafayette indiana


Keep well-stocked for your time at the shooting range or out hunting.

visit ramzs emporium for your long gun desires

Long Guns

Perfect for hunting, long guns include rifles and shotguns, meant to be held with two hands.

Need Something Special?

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