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Music! Ah, what a pleasure a beautiful melody brings into our lives! And RamZs Emporium has instruments for beginners and professionals to help bring it to life!

There is a huge selection of electric, acoustic, and bass guitars and amps. We also have violins, brass, and wind instruments for playing in the school band.

See all we have to offer the music lover at RamZs Emporium!

ramzs emporium lafayette indiana has choice guitar pedals available for purchase

Types of Music Equipment

Images are only examples. They do not reflect our actual inventory.

amplify your music with an amp from ramzs emporium lafayette indiana


Music isn’t much fun if you can’t hear it. Amplifiers are a perfect remedy for that!

ramzs has a variety of stringed instruments ranging from violens to guitars

Stringed Instruments

We have plenty of guitars and basses for beginners and experienced players, as well as violins for those who prefer fiddling around.

ramzs emporium has gently used clarinets that are perfect for your band student


We have plenty of gently-used clarinets, perfect for playing in a school band.

come try out a saxophone at ramzs emporium lafayette indiana


Everyone enjoys the throaty growl of a good sax solo. Try one out for yourself!

music gear and accessories are available at ramzs emporium


Music stands, sheet music, guitar stands, picks, straps—we have you covered!

find your band student the perfect flute at ramzs emorium lafayette indiana


Flutes are a popular choice for high school band. See what we have to choose from.

tto your own horn with a new trumpit from ramzs emporium lafayette indiana


Looking to be the next Louis Armstrong? Of course you are, and we can help.

Need Something Special?

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