Tablets, TVs, and Phones, Oh My!

What would we do without our modern day electronic companions?


We love to watch TV, play games, work on the ever-shrinking laptops, and call or text our friends from our smartphone. Then we want to grab a camera and take beautiful, scenic pictures and preserve our cherished memories.


We can help you out with all of your electronic needs and wants. We also enjoy being able to give you a loan on these items when you are in need.

ramzs emporium has everything from from turntables to jam-boxes

Types of Electronics

Images are only examples. They do not reflect our actual inventory.

ramzs emporium lafayette indiana has pre-owned adio equipment available for purchase

Audio Equipment

Like analog audio gear? Records, tapes, household stereos, boomboxes—take your pick!

ramzs emporium has laptops, tablets and more

Laptops and Tablets

A delight to own and infinitely useful, a good laptop or tablet is a must nowadays.

ramzs emporium may just have that hard to find gaming system you have been looking for

Gaming Systems

A notable, newer collector’s item and useful entertainment device, gaming systems are well sought-after items, many of which hold their value well.

ramzs lafayette indiana had great deals on used phones


Looking for an upgrade? Maybe a first phone for your child? Look no further for a good deal on used phones.

gently used fitbits are available at ramzs emporium lafayette indiana

Fitbit and Activity Trackers

These futuristic gadgets can go for a pretty penny new. Come in for a bargain on gently used versions.

used quality televisions at low prices are available at ramzs emporium


Feeling tube nostalgia, or would you like a bigger screen? Check out our selection of quality TVs for less.

Need Something Special?

Contact us or visit to learn about what we have in our store.

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