Knives and Swords

The Cutting Edge

Antique blades, hand-made practical knives, decorative swords, movie and television replicas—RamZs has it all in the knives and swords department.

Our staff can help you buy, sell, and trade any sort of knife or sword, and we even have expertise in blades with historical and cultural significance to the Midwest.

saber military, cold steel with handle metal gold ribbed close-up

Types of Knives & Swords

Images are only examples. They do not reflect our actual inventory.

Multipurpose Swiss army knife isolated on white


Pocket knives are just the type of thing to carry around for the odd need. With your company logo inscribed on it, you’ll have regular opportunities for advertising.

The knife is inclined. Army knife. Military knife


For collecting and for practical use, we have military knives that are both decorative and quality tools.

Variety of folding hunting knives on the counter

Pocket Knives

From a basic, quality tool to the all-purpose utility knife, a pocket knife always finds an occasion to be put to use.

Real japanese samurai sword and sheath on wooden board

Samurai Swords

Who doesn’t feel special holding one of these? They look great on the mantle and in your hand.

Handles swords of ancient ages in a row


See if we have the right knife for decoration or for making an impression at your favorite convention.

Need Something Special?

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