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Pawning & Selling

Here at RamZs Emporium, we love meeting new people and seeing the fascinating items they bring in. Perhaps you’re interested in seeing what you can get for the odd trinket, bobble, or old family heirloom you have lying around the house.


Maybe you’re a collector, or you simply enjoy buying and selling the various treasures you score in the remote nooks and crannies of the Midwest.

How to Pawn/Sell Items at RamZs Emporium

Whatever your aim is, we’re happy to take a look at whatever you bring in. In order to make your pawning/selling experience a little easier, here’s a short guide to help you through the process.

ramzs emporium tells you how pawning and selling your items works

Time Needed: 60 minutes

Total Cost: USD 0.00

Things Needed

- Something to Sell
- Cleaning Supplies
- A Computer with an Internet Connection

Other Things

- An Eye for Quality
- An Enterprising Spirit

Pawning/Selling Items

Step 1 – Finding the Right Item

You may have an item lying around the house that looks antiquated or seemingly valuable. But you may want to take a thoughtful step back before boxing it up and bringing it in.

Family Heirlooms – You might want to think twice before selling Grandma’s fine china or your great-uncle’s old pocket watch. These items may not hold any sentimental value to you, but you might have family members who would relish the opportunity to get ahold of something that a loved one once held so dear.
Items of Apparent Value – Before you load up the van with possibly heavy or numerous items to earn some fast cash, do your research first. You may discover that your elegant-looking, “historic” item is nothing more than a mast-produced trinket or replica with the mere appearance of significance.
Precious Metals - “All that glitters is not gold,” is where your mind should be when considering bringing in jewelry. An easy way to tell when an item may not catch the highest price is to look for stamps. GP (gold plated), HGE (heavy gold electroplate), or RPG (rolled gold plated)—these stamps all indicate that the item is merely produced with a gold finish, thus, trying to pawn or sell these items isn’t likely to pay much, if at all.

Step 2 – Preparing Your Item

If you’re looking to gain a decent sum for your item, you’ll do well to make it as presentable as possible before you bring it in.
Cleaning – The most obvious way to make your item more presentable is simply to clean it. Remove any dust or grime from objects that are cleanable. But be careful about using cleaners that may be too harsh for the object, which might take off more than the dust and grime! Also, polish up any tarnished bits where applicable.
Customer appeal – Overall, the biggest thing to consider is how your item will look to someone looking to purchase it. If your object is filthy or dusty, your presentation is going to suffer. Think about whether or not you would buy that item for yourself.

Step 3 – Decide Between Pawn and Sell

Deciding whether to pawn or sell an item depends on your ultimate goal for the transaction.
Decluttering your home – If you’re just looking to get rid of some extra stuff lying around your house, selling would be your best option.
Making a quick buck – If you just need money fast, and you feel confident that you can pay back a loan, pawning is a great way to get some fast cash. Just remember, if you don’t pay back the loan in the time allotted, your item will become the property of the shop.
Getting a significant sum for an item of value – If you feel strongly that you have a real gem…literally or figuratively…in your possession and you’d like to get a good stack of cash for it, then by all means, bring it in!

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