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Since 1988, RamZs Emporium has been serving the greater Lafayette area in antiques, jewelry, and much, much more. We provide everything from wedding jewelry sets to coin sets for sale. Not only do we offer plenty of antiques and collectibles to purchase, but we even do appraisals for the ones you already own!

Our expert staff also offers jewelry repair services, as well as a notary for your important documents. Whether you are in search of collectible coins, pistols, or even engagement rings, RamZs Emporium has what you are looking for! Stop by today to browse our inventory!


We'll fix your fine jewelry on the premises.



Refurbish jewelry that's been severely damaged.



Custom design your ideas to create something new.



Assess the value of your treasures and heirlooms.



Receive a short-term loan based on the value of your jewelry.



Sell unwanted jewelry for cash or trade for something new.

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Things We Do

Your rings may become too tight due to age or the general change of your fingers on a daily basis. RamZs is the best place to go should you need a ring cut off. We can do it right, with the least damage to your treasured piece and your pocketbook.

If a clasp is difficult to manage, RamZs can replace it with one that fits your needs.

Did you know that body chemistry, including medicine, can discolor skin and jewelry? RamZs sells Jewelry Shield, which you brush on to help prevent this reaction from taking place.

Having RamZs solder your rings together will protect them from wear. The two rings rubbing together will gradually corrode each ring. Soldering them together will reduce this everyday wear, saving you and maintenance over time.

If you have a mishap with a pearl or bead necklace, RamZs can restring them. This process takes skill and knowledge from an experienced jeweler.

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