Step Back in Time

A walk through time is what you will take as you journey through the rows upon rows of antiques at RamZs Emporium. Find yourself stepping back into history!

Feast your eyes on a chair that once belonged to Abe Lincoln's son, Todd—so precious that you are not allowed to sit in it. Or, perhaps it's Cracker Jack toys, the fossils, or Megalodon prehistoric shark teeth? How about the WWI medals and Mayan Indian jade burial mask?

Whatever sparks your imagination, we have plenty more to see at RamZs Emporium. It will take you hours to see it all!

bring those good old days back into your life with a visit to ramzs emporium lafayette indiana

Types of Antiques

Images are only examples. They do not reflect our actual inventory.

browse the bronze collection available at ramzs emporium lafayette indiana


The most popular metal for sculpture, bronze can make up a wide variety of items—decorative and useful.

prehistoric fossils are available at ramzs emporium lafayette for your purchase


Grab a part of the ancient world! Whether you’re a collector or you’d simply like a piece of the past on display, we’ve plenty to choose from!

bring ambience to your home with a vintage lamp from ramzs emprium lafayette indiana


Light up your home with a decorative lamp from years past. Nothing will bring light your evening quite like the ambience of an antique light-giver.

retrace history with the paper documents available at ramzs emporium lafayette indiana

Paper Documents

Nothing is as important to history as the very thoughts of real people written down for posterity to see.

you can't go wrong with a beautiful timepiece from ramzs emporium lafayette indiana


A timeless decoration, at once beautiful and useful, you can’t go wrong with a classic timepiece.

antique furniture pieces are available at ramzs emporium


They don’t make them like they used to! From the sturdy and solid to the ornate and the odd, antique furniture is definitely worth a gander.

it doesn't get any cooler than a vintage radio from ramzs emporium lafayette indiana


Want to party like it’s 1776? See our selection of aged instruments that are sure to be a delight and a spectacle.

shop ramzs emporium for vintage sesonal items and bring that vintage christmas feel back to life in your home


Whether it’s the holiday season or a time for drinking lemonade and catching fireflies, we have something to make the season a little more special.

revisit your childhood and browse the doll collection available at ramzs emporium lafayette indiana


A symbol of childhood—to some, pretty, and to others, eerie—dolls are a perfect item for the right collector.

look to ramzs emporium lafayette indiana for that perfect glassware to accompany your dining table


A limitless variety of objects can be made out of glass, and throughout the years, people have. Find the next addition to your collection today!

ramzs emporium lafayette indiana has several pieces of native american pottery and artifacts for purchase

Native American

Learn more about the rich cultural heritage of the various peoples that once inhabited the land we live in today.

now you can have a toy like grandmas did by shopping ramzs emporium's antique toy collections


Young and old, who doesn’t love toys? It’s especially fun to see what type of toys your grandparents grew up with!

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